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France - Le Massif Central

Since the early 70's, many field recordings took place in the different areas of Centre France, where fiddle traditions were still alive.
We must say thanks for this job mainly to the Association of the Musiciens Routiniers that also published many documents on LP (some of them remastered on CD). The great French folk revival movement of the following years allowed to preserve and continue a rich corpus of dance tunes as Bourrées, Scottishes, Branles etc.

In this beautiful video "Des violons en sabots" by Francis Lapeyre, we can see three great violoneux from Cantal: Jean Chastagnol, Leon Peyrat and Joseph Perrier

And here is Joseph Perrier again, some years later, with many younger fiddlers playing his tunes

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  1. bravo pour cette page, je possède le vinyle. J'ai mis le disque "violoneux corréziens" en"BONUS" sur mon blog